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Why I had Gastric Bypass


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By Beverly Kelly, Copyright 2010

For over 4 years, I'd tipped the scale over 400 pounds. For the majority of 2008 I was unable to walk more than 50 yards without holding onto something to keep from crashing to the ground. I had difficulty breathing at rest and extreme difficulty breathing with any movement of my massive body. My body hurt. My back ached like a toothache, my knees were so painful I had to have injections regularly and pain medicine every 4 to 6 hours.

After going through an extremely painful holiday season I went to my family doctor for some help. He asked me, "Have you considered gastric bypass, you have got to get some of this weight off in order to help those knee joints and your back. It is silly to think any other treatment will help."

In fact, I had started researching Gastric bypass, so great minds think alike. I was being treated for high blood pressure, fibromyalgia, arthritis, lupus, depression, and anxiety disorders to name a few. My pharmacy bill each month was nearly $1000.00. With all this, I needed help, I was literally loosing my life to morbid obesity.

In my research, I found that my insurance would possibly pay for the surgery, if the doctors who were treating me would refer me for the procedure. As I talked to each of them, I discovered that everyone agreed -- I need surgery.

I then contacted a Medical Center within 100 miles of my home and began the process of regaining the life that I was losing. We attended an informational class first. I say we because I insisted that my husband go with me. You must have support from your spouse and family to take this journey and it cannot be done alone. You also must be firmly committed to a new life that is not a temporary change. The head, the heart and the body all have to agree that this is the proper direction to go. At the end of the class, we were given an option to set up an appointment to come into the Comprehensive Weight Management Center for a consultation. This brings me us to February 2009. After consultation, I was confirmed as a candidate and the process was rolling. It took some time to get letters from all of my doctors and to get pre surgery tests done.

As each step was completed,with time flying by, my daily struggles went on. When everything was completed the CWMC insurance clerk contacted me with the "Beverly, you are approved for the surgery, we need to get you in for two more classes one more doctor visit and we have set your surgery date for August 17, 2009!"

Note: Since her surgery, Beverly has lost over 172 pounds! We're proud of you Beverly Kelly!

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