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I would like to share my keys to success with my weight loss and healthy life results. The key for me is and was - S T A R T.

S - See the need and seize the opportunity to take control.

T - Tame the fear of failure and trust that there is a way to lose weight, feel
better, and regain your health.

A - Announce your plan and intent. Clarify the whys, whens and hows to family
and friends and ask for positive support.

R - Receive the support and repeat your steps daily, and in some cases hourly in
order to succeed.

T - Take that step, take control, take that intent to better your life and life
style and make it happen!

Do not sit by and allow life to pass you by. Do not wait for an answer to better
health and possible happiness to hit you in the head.

Do not allow fear of failure to hold you back.

Do step out in faith that success is in your future and the time is now to reach
for it. At this time I have lost 185 pounds since August 2009. I had gastric
bypass surgery and went from 11 strong perscription drugs for various serious
health issues to 2. We were spending almost $1100.00 per month on medications
that were allowing me to exist in a body that was morbidly obese and alife that
was being more miserable every single day. That is not any kind of life.

Maybe the way that has been a success for me is not the answer for you. My point
here is to sat, S T A R T to choose life and to live it!

Note: Since her surgery, Beverly has lost over 172 pounds! We're proud of you, Beverly Kelly!

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