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Over the last few years we, as a nation, have become more aware of our health and lifestyle than any other time in our history. With giant advancements in the medical field, it is now possible to live longer, while feeling better, through healthy living. We've also discovered that good health is more valuable than gold, because you cannot buy good health.

Many folks associate healthier living with weight loss, and it may require that if you'r overweight, but lets not forget the human body is complex and issues such as mental health, dental health, women and mens sexual health, must all be considered when making a lifestyle change. While losing weight will usually lower blood pressure and reduce the odds of stroke or other diseases, other changes are needed as well, if you want to seriously be healthier.

FatKat offers information on most all issues related to healthier living and many of our articles have been written by leaders in the heath care profession; such as family doctor's, OB-GYN, Nurses, mental health counselors, and may others. To change a lifestyle after years of habit, may require much more work than you expect and the task will not be easy. However, the results will be well worth your effort. A healthier lifestyle choice could add years to your lilfe.



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