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Melanie Benton
Meianie After Surgery
Melanie in August 2009
Melanie in Jan 2013

Melanie Calvert Benton, (aka) Melanie D. Calvert, Dahlia Patton is a retired respiratory care practitioner who now works with her first loves, photography, writing and the outdoors. While running a successful photography business for years, she only recently turned to writing a novel through the urgings of her husband Western Fiction Writer W.R. Benton. Melanie's photography has appeared on the covers of all four of Mister Benton's "The Drum Series" and soon will be gracing her own books. Her first historical novel, "A Southern Moon Rising," was released in July 2008.

by Melanie Calvert Benton

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Mel weighed almost 300 pounds in 2009.

However, after undergoing gastric bypass surgery, she's become dedicated to assisting others improve their lifestyles. Since her surgery, Melanie has lost close to 120 pounds.

Today, Melanie is sharing her successful weight loss and healthier lifestyle through speaking engagements.

An avid outdoors woman she enjoys deer hunting, fishing, camping, Citizen Band Radio and of course, outdoor photography. She prefers the smell of wood smoke, the crackling of a fire late at night, and the serenity of nature, to a fast-paced life in a big city. Melanie is a supporter for empowering women from all walks of life, as a matter of fact she is also pursuing an acting career. Born and raised in Mississippi, most of it on a farm, she is a true Southern Belle.

She started Fat Kat in an effort to help everyone with weight loss and other health related issues. Her primary concern is to get the word out and educate folks on how to change dangerous lifestyles into healthy ones. Contact Melanie to have her speak to your group.

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