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Today I celebrate my fourth year out from having gastric bypass to help me change my life to a healthier and new level. I look back over the past four years on a journey that was not easy, I often stumbled, fell, but with an easier effort to pick up the new me. Some days were good and some days were bad. My Angel Beverly would pull me up and wrap one of her loving wings around me on my worst days. I wrapped my wings of comfort to Beverly on her bad days. Sometimes we both wondered had we done the "right thing" people would ask questions, attitudes would change and sometimes people understood or they didn't. It has not been easy or simple.


Along the way,I found a new respect for myself as my self esteem soared. Self doubt clouded me like a viel for years due to emotional imprisonment. I started to develop more positive thinking, as the pounds came off, a new woman emerged. In the mirror the ugly duckling began to turn into the beautiful swan.

Good things began to happen - with speaking engagements, more photography opportunities and then I found the comedian and actress that was hiding under all those pounds. I found a fun way to express myself while making others laugh and feel good about themselves. Making others feel good, made me feel good as well.

While months flew by and opportunities opened up, I realized I was the same girl inside, just different on the outside. The more I made people laugh, the more I found myself healing on the inside. Laughter I found was the best medicine.

My Angel Beverly had a new life for a reason, she is raising a grandchild that if not for her healthier living, she would not be able to take care of. God knows what He is doing and Beverly is proof of His knowledge and wisdom.

This trip isn't over, I'll just change my shoes, pull on my moccasins, keep to the trail and reach a little higher for those stars, one step at a time. Those stars? They shine a little bit brighter all the time.






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