If They Could See Me Now

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"If They Could See Me Now"

By Beverly Kelly

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AUG 2009
AUG 2013


Four short years ago I began a journey that has brought me to some of the happiest and healthiest days that anyone can ask for. Back then let's say I was on a downward health spiral that could have taken my life. In fact before I had accepted that there was something that could help me, I was told that I would not see my next birthday. Major wake up call!

I weighed over 400 pounds, was on eleven prescription medications, was miserable and very unhealthy. Today I have lost 200 pounds, on two prescribed meds, and living life to the fullest. I went from being unable to walk 20 feet to keeping up with a two year old grandchild daily! From not wanting to be seen in public to being anywhere that I need to be or might want to be.

Gastric bypass surgery is not for everyone, but it saved my life and I will be ever grateful of that. One must have their mind made up, family on board, and a full support circle of friends. It is also priceless to have someone who is or has the same procedure done as your Angel, or close friend. The first few months there are changes happening with your, body, mind and life style that required an informed person to help you along. Also the more information you have before the procedure, the advise medically, diet wise, and cautions that are given should be closely followed. If there is not close follow up for the first two years, you may want to look a bit further.

I am currently wearing size 16/18 clothing. When I went in for surgery I was wearing size 32 or 5X. Literally I am half the size I was when I topped out before my journey began. The pro column is ten times longer than the con column in have weight loss surgery and my journey thus far. There are a few foods that I absolutely do not tolerate in eating, they make me very ill. So the key is, don't eat them! Some times there will be an unexpected upset from foods, but very seldom.

Possibly the biggest drawback to extreme weightloss is the extra skin that is left behind. There are procedures available to correct this problem but many insurances do not view such a condition as a health issue and view it as cosmetic.
If there is anyone who would like to talk to us about gastric bypass or healthy lifestyle adjustments, we would love to talk to you. Feel free to get in contact with us thru the web site.

Beverly Kelly bekelly39090@yahoo.com


If they could see me now





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