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Help Me Find A Kidney For My Sister


Kidney for my Sister


by: Giulia Morelli

Hello, Thank you for helping me on this journey. My Name is Giulia Morelli and I'm in search of a Kidney for my sister Anoniette Ruotolo. PLEASE HELP ME SHARE THIS PAGE AND REACH A POSSIBLE DONOR. THANK YOU!

Who Can Be a Donor?

The majority of kidney donors have an established relationship with the person needing a kidney a relative,spouse,friend,co”worker,or neighbor.However,there are also people who wish to donate a kidney to someone, but do not have a specific recipient in mind.

How Do I Become a Donor ?

If you decide to become a donor,you will need to call our pre”transplant office at (212) 517-3099

New York Presbyterian-Weill Cornell
Kidney and Pancreas Transplant Program
525 East 68th Street – Box 98
New York, NY 10065

and give the the name of the person (ANTONIETTE RUOTOLO) you hope to donate to.Please understand, we will not call you—we do not want you to feel pressured into making this commitment.When you are ready, please call us.You will be asked routine questions (name, address, date of birth,) and a brief medical history will be taken.You can then arrange to have the required testing done (initial testing may be done locally if you live far away)

Antoniette, is my older sister and really took the place of our mother. We lost our parents at an early age and honestly I can't even think of not having my sister in my life right now. She loves life and people . She has never asked for anything in life because she has always given to others. Even today she would never ask anyone for help, this is why I'm asking for your help. Please help me find a donor for my sister, Help me share this page and reach others who may be willing to donate the gift of life.

Forever grateful to you… thank you in advance. Giulia Morelli Please CLICK HERE TP FOLLOW AND SHARE FACEBOOK PAGE




Help Me Find a Kidney for My Sister




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