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One Veteran's View

Daniel Williams

by Daniel Williams, © Copyright 2010, all rights reserved


In April 2001 I was working at a carpet mill driving a lift truck and unloading a trailer of carpet, when the jack in the front of the trailer collapsed. This split second accident resulted in permanent damage to my spine. As a result, I gained about 70lbs.( from 150-220) when I could no longer work. I soon found myself unable to get around very well. I lost my medical insurance when I settled my case against the company.

A friend informed me that the VA changed their rules and were allowing non-war veterans to use their facilities, if they had an Honorable Discharge, so I immediately signed up. This was several years ago. They helped with blood pressure medicine, high cholesterol medicine, anti-depressants etc.

For a couple of years the various and ever changing doctors that I saw had been telling me I was borderline diabetic.

Then in Nov. 2010, I went to see a nurse practitioner for an unrelated problem and he said, "You're diabetic".

I replied that I was borderline and he replied, "You crossed that border a long time ago".

It seems my blood work, in Nov. 2009, showed my A1C's to be 12.3 when the VA says they are to be no higher than 5.8, so he put me on two meds; Metformin HCL 850mg and Glyburide 5mg one each per day.

In January of 2011 I went in for blood work and saw the another new doctor who informed me that I now have damage to my kidneys, very high cholesterol, an enlarged prostate, and my white blood cell count is high. Some days it doesn't pay to get out of bed.

I asked this doctor, who is the only one to give me a physically examine me since I started going there, Why have all those other doctors never caught any of this?

He could only say "I don't know, it's all in the computer in front of them.

Now they have provided a class, to show diabetics how to eat healthy and provide a diet for each individual, and a test unit for blood sugar and a class on how to use it. But, they only provide 50 test strips for a three month period, unless you are taking insulin shots, even though their own people are telling us that's not nearly enough.

I have never had a symptom of anything that is wrong with me, except in early 2010, when I had to get bifocals for the first time. I was examined by a local optometrist the VA uses. It was not associated with diabetes until I started to take medication and my eyes blurred for a month, and I experienced horrible headaches. Then when my eyes cleared they were better than before, I can no longer use those bifocals for distances as they're too strong.

All the damage and potential damage to my body is the result of a system that uses cut-rate doctors to save money, rather than care about the people being treated. It's called Socialized Medicine and it is run by the U.S. government. This is the same government I swore in the military to protect from all enemies foreign and domestic. Just makes me proud.


Socialized Medicine Article by Daniel Williams




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