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Weight Loss


by Terri Lee Pocernich, copyright 2010, all rights reserved.


At age 41 I was blessed with an unexpected but much wanted child. My other three children were already in their 20's at the time and was looking the best I had in a longtime before this pregnancy.

After the birth of this last little one I could not drop the baby weight. I even gained weight in the years after. I have an under active thyroid and weight loss is and has been a very difficult and non permanent thing for me. I have tried weight loss everything and had even owned a Curves for women at one time so I knew about Meal replacement and helping others. I could not find a protein drink that I liked however. I have jugs of protein drinks that have all gone in the garbage! 

I was introduced to the 90 day challenge by my great friend Dale. He had lost 40 lbs in 30 days and was looking good. He told me about these shakes that smell like cake mix and also taste great. I told him if they tasted as great as he said I would not only do the Challenge I would become a promoter. Well they were exactly what he told me and I started my 90 day challenge and became a promoter.

30 days into my challenge I was already down 13lbs and had more energy to keep up with my little one than I had in a long time. 60 days into the challenge I had already earned a BMW (yes the car) for sharing the challenge with others. 90 days and I am down 17lbs and two pant sizes. My body is reshaped! This has been the easiest way I have ever lost weight. I am starting the journey to health and fitness lifestyle and it has been so painless.

I drink a shake in the morning, a shake at lunch and eat a regular meal with my family. I often throw in a couple of healthy snacks to boot. The patented protein in these shakes helps you retain your muscle while losing the fat. I am so happy I found the 90 day challenge you can see the results yourself.




Terri Lee Pocernich 



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