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Sherman M. Nunn Article

Sherman M. Nunn


Sherman Moses Nunn was born on June 30th, 1969. His early education was within the Chicago Catholic School system and he attended Jackson State University (MS) where he studied Mass Communications and Political Science. He holds a B.S. in Applied Behavioral Science from Chicago's National-Louis University and has held membership in A.F.& A.M., Alpha Phi Omega International Service fraternity, Inc., and Toastmasters International in which he holds a Competent Toastmaster level of achievement in presentation/public speaking. Sherman also showed promise as a communicator during attendance at Chicago's Mt. Carmel High School during which time he won the third-place award in the 1986 city-wide WBEZ Radio Fair Production Contest. Sherman has accumulated a considerable amount of media experience which includes serving as a television network affiliate Weatherman, hosting several radio shows and writing numerous articles through the years. On a historical note, he served as the original Curator at the International Museum of Muslim Cultures (Jackson, MS ) which remains the first and only Islamic Museum in the United States of America. It was at this time that Sherman spoke to many large gatherings of people regarding the healing of our nation in the wake of the 911 tragedy.

In late 1996, Sherman received the devastating news that he was in stage 4 out of 4 with Hodgekin's Disease (Lymphoma). The struggle that followed also brought on a near fatal confrontation with Diabetes and…a pledge. It was a pledge to devote significant amounts of time and effort towards helping others should he survive, which he did.

Upon making a full recovery from Lymphoma in 1997, Sherman has spoken to many about his ordeal to help encourage them. He also founded the Mississippi Afrocentrik Dance and Drum Ensemble to share the power of cultural healings and now, continues his vision of "making lemonade out of lemons" with Motivation Against Cancer (MAC). Influenced by his experiences in communication, his faith and various personal enlightenments that include Yoga and Zen meditaion, Sherman has these components to serve as parts of the MAC foundation upon which speaks and shares with others. Other interests include Seibukan Shorin-Ryu Karate and his life long love of music. Sherman currently resides in Jackson, MS with his wife Clarisa and their children - Khaaliq, Qayyimah ans Sulayman.

MOTIVATION AGAINST CANCER (MAC) is the result of a vision that Sherman Nunn has had for some time. As a Cancer (Hodgekin's Disease) survivor, it has been his desire to fulfill a pledge made during his ordeal. That pledge was to give back to others who find themselves in similar situations or are supporting loved ones who are. Having been so strongly received on a person to person basis, Sherman has sought to share his testimony of strength and courage with many others as the relevance of fighting Cancer continues to be a part of our global social fabric. He believes that his message of encouragement transcends its appeal to those involved in the fight against the disease and serves as an inspirational testimony for all, irregardless of what struggles they may be facing. Above all, Sherman's philosophy for being motivated against Cancer is rooted in enlightenment and calmness, as indicated by the logo that he has developed for MAC.


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